Challenging Darwinism
People would not believe that humans evolved from other forms of life, "Only 37 percent of the polled Americans were satisified with allowing room for both god and Darwin." People were ignorant to the discoveries of Darwin and believed only what they had been taught in the past. (God created all)

"As Late as 1982, 1993, 1997, and 1999 people still had the same views" that God made humans and evolution played no role in creating the complex, sophisticated individuals we are today. "Still fewer Americans, only 12%, believed that humans evolved from other life forms without any involvement of god." Darwin never quit persueing his ideas of evolution and the negative views of other only served as Darwin's motivation to prove them wrong.

"Are God and Nature then at strife, that Nature lends such evil dreams So careful of the type she seems, so careless of the single life. Who trusted God was love indeed, and love Creation's final law — Tho Nature, red in tooth and claw, with ravine shrieked against his creed." http://www.public.coe.edu/departments/Biology/darwin_bio.html

"Everyone who believes in slow and gradual evolution, will of course admit that specific changes may have been as abrupt and as great as any single variation which we meet with under nature, or even under domestication. But as species are more variable when domesticated or cultivated than under their natural conditions, it is not probable that such great and abrupt variations have often occurred under nature, as are known occasionally to arise under domestication. Of these latter variations several may be attributed to reversion; and the characters which thus reappear were, it is probable, in many cases at first gained in a gradual manner. A still greater number must be called monstrosities, such as six-fingered men, porcupine men, Ancon sheep, Niata cattle, etc.; and as they are widely different in character from natural species, they throw very little light on our subject. Excluding such cases of abrupt variations, the few which remain would at best constitute, if found in a state of nature, doubtful species, closely related to their parental types. "http://www.talkorigins.org/faqs/comdesc/CDgradualism.html

Shows a picture of the position that Darwin defended of his theory of evolution; gradualism.

This is a picture of the fued between the question of evolution and Gods involvement in creating humans.

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