Period 5 Anagenesis

There are many small examples of evolution that help prove Darwin’s theory. Diseases can change and become immune to medicines that use to treat them. Also, insects and weeds evolve so they become resistant to previously effective insecticides and pesticides. Scientists use situations like this as more support of evolution.

Scientists have performed documented experiments that prove evolution. Two British researchers, Peter and Rosemary Grant, conducted a study involving 35 generations of fruit flies. Another study by Richard E. Lenski at Michigan State tracked 20,000 generations of bacterium. These tests have provided solid and credible support for evolution.

This article discussed how diseases evolve to become resistant to antibiotics. Scientists have feared that they are pressuring the bacterium into evolving and becoming stronger. However, a new idea has surfaced about trying to do the opposite. Somehow, if humans were able to reverse the process and cause the bacterium to de-evolve, it would be very beneficial and ground-breaking in disease treatment. However, a method like this has not yet been discovered.

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