Period 5 Morphology

Animals we see today can all be categorized by their families, orders, and kingdoms. But other objects wuch as rocks, or jewelery cannot be ordered in a similar. This is because Animals are all decedents from common ancestors.
Darwin answered the question of why a few basic designs showed up in different animals. His answer was that they all came from a common descent and were shaped by natural selection.
Darwin's experiments were used to look beyond just natural selection but also the subject of inheritance (

Vestigial characteristics are a form of morphological evidence,which is pretty illuminating because it shows that the living world is full of small, tolerable imperfections. For instance there were several questions that Darwin asked that pertained to this; Why do male mammals (including human males) have nipples? Why do some snakes (notably boa constrictors) carry the rudiments of a pelvis and tiny legs buried inside their sleek profiles? Why do certain species of flightless beetle have wings, sealed beneath wing covers that never open?

All the answers to these obsurd questions were conveniently answered in his book the Origin of Species. [((]

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